Important Events
  1. The press conference, Precious specimens of extinct butterflies and rare plants in Taiwan arrive at NMNS after over a century abroad ( International collaborative research projects with Germany and Russia), have been held at National Museum of Natural Science on 12th April, 2011. Meanwhile, the demostration of collection research have been held and the certificate is presented to the institue.
  2. The agreement and memorandum between the Research Center for Digital Humanities of National Taiwan University (RCDH) and the Herbarium of the Academy of Natural Sciences (PH) was signed on Jun. 29th 2011.
  1. Prof. Hiroyoshi Ohashi (Botanical Garden, Tohoku University, Japan) & Prof. Osamu Tadauchi (Kyushu University, Japan) were invited to deliver a speech in TELDAP International Conference 2010.
  2. Workshop has been held on Nov. 30th 2010 to share experiences about oversea data collecting.
  1. The Authorization Ceremony was held on Nov. 17th 2009 at the Gallery of history of National Taiwan University. The agreement and memorandum was signed between this project and Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History(KPM)and the Herbarium of the University of Tokyo(TI)during the ceremony.
  2. Special exhibition “The Natural History of Formosa - An Exploration of Plants”is sponsored by this project and National Museum of Nature Science from Nov. 18th 2009 to May 31st 2010. Some valuable items on display are borrowed from the University Museum, the University of Tokyo.
  3. A Workshop has been held on Dec. 2nd 2009 to share experiences about oversea data collecting.